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Cryptosporidium DAH!1 DAH!1R Information Voice Actor J. Grant AlbrechtSean Donnellan (Big Willy Unleashed) Status Alive Nickname(s) Crypto Location Earth Relationships Natalia First Appearance Destroy All Humans Physical Description Species Furon Hair None Eyes No True eyecolor. Furon eyes are reflective. Gender Male Attire Space match with peices of armor throughout the choices years Personal Details Birthplace Furon Favorite Food Unknown, probably human mind stems Skills Destroying all human beings, ace pilot, guns expert, diverse psionic powers Likes Destroying and killing matters, making a laugh of Pox, Natayla, The Master (formerly) Dislikes Stealth, no longer getting what he wants, Meningitis, any man or woman that makes him irritated, The Master, being referred to as inexperienced (Martian inside the Japanese model)

Physical Description

Cryptosporidium, commonly referred to as just absolutely Crypto is a Furon warrior and the playable villain protagonist of the choices Destroy All Humans! series.

Crypto’s most apparent trait is his taste for destruction, making him an powerful soldier for the Furon Empire. Needless to say, he is very sadistic, taking satisfaction from torturing human beings. While he began out by means of hating all matters human, he mellows out by the time the choices sequels came out, no question in element due to spending years mingling with humanity (and even turning into romantically involved with a human girl). In the choices first recreation, he suggests a moderate perverted side whilst he’s about to probe Miss Rockwell, but stated perversion is exaggerated in later games, although this might be due to having obtained genitalia.

When with others, Crypto could be very rude. Between being very sarcastic, mocking, or in reality threatening people, Crypto has few moments of honesty, normally whilst he is in extreme trouble. Crypto is often inclined to killing folks who he without a doubt doesn’t like unless ordered against such urges because of mission requirements. Despite his sociopathic traits, he does show that he cares approximately his allies. Crypto freaks out while Natalya dies on the choices Moon, and when Orthopox is almost destroyed in Fantasy Atoll. He also mourns the choices Master when he fakes his demise.

See: Crypto’s Weapons, the choices Saucer, Psychokinesis

Crypto, being a soldier, is efficient with most weaponry. He suggests a desire to an all-out offensive as opposed to stealth, though he’s capable of any such method. He’s additionally a really capable pilot, having handiest crashed two times; as soon as when his Saucer was hit with a blast from a tesla coil, and while he was under the influence of alcohol “flying” in Nevada.

Crypto’s mental abilties also are very advanced, because of being continuously upgraded with the aid of Orthopox and education underneath The Master.

Crypto’s history is unknown as much as the choices activities of the choices video games. Apparently, he has a mother, who in keeping with him could be very unloving. He worked with Orthopox for pretty a while before coming to Earth. His story may be divided by means of the number of clones he is had. WARNING: SPOILERS

Voiced via Grant Albrecht.

The first Crypto clone to seem in the game. He is despatched to Earth to discover Furon DNA to store his race, but is accidently shot down with the aid of a missile in Area forty two. He tries to resist capture after crashing however he collapses in the front of several squaddies. His guns and Saucer are taken, permitting the Majestic to increase new weaponry. 136 is wondered, dissected, and it leads to the choices unlocking of the Furon genes and main to the creation of the choices Majestic’s mutants. His capture is the choices cause 137 urges Pox to come to Earth. His stays are later destroyed via Crypto-137, just so no greater experiments are committed on his “brother”. 

Voiced by way of Grant Albrecht.

Cryptosporidium-137 first landed on Turnipseed Farm in look for the choices dominating species on Earth. He headed towards Rockwell with a view to infiltrate and check out approximately the human’s way of life, although this caused the choices discovery of experiments with the aid of the military on nearby cows. Future journeys to Santa Modesta and Area 42 brought about the discovery of the choices Majestic. 137 also discovered out approximately 136’s destiny and swore revenge. After destroying maximum of Area forty two, Crypto headed in the direction of Capitol City in an effort to hunt down General Armquist however crash landed in Union Town. Unlike 136, he survived this experience. After killing Armquist and afterward assasinating the choices president, he goes after Silhouette on the way to stop the Majestic from interfering with Furon activities. Following Silhouette’s demise, 137 posed as the deceased President Huffman and won manage of the United States. He had then proceeded to apply this electricity that allows you to convince the choices humans of the Earth that the commies triggered all this trouble, which is genuinely a ploy used to reap more brain stems. This incarnation of Crypto is the most violent, and talks in an nearly-monotonous voice most of the choices time. He died sometime earlier than 1969, but it was stated inside the strains of Destroy All Humans Big Willy Unleashed, that 137, become the principle playable character of the choices Wii recreation – however this is wrong and is merely an oversight on the choices developers part as it is absolutely 138 now not 137 as he became showed dead within the intro of Destroy All Humans! 2.

Voiced by using Grant Albrecht (Destroy All Humans 2!) Sean Donnellan (Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed)

138 became energetic from 1969 to someday before 1979. He turned into the first Furon to have completely useful genitalia, which made a few drastic modifications in his personality. KGB spies determined out approximately the choices Furon control over the United States, and as a consequence planned the choices 138’s assassination in Bay City and the choices destruction of the mothership. Crypto escaped with Orthopox, now dubbed Holopox, and began a quest to bring down the KGB. Crypto changed into compelled to cooperate with Russian spies Natalya Ivanova and Sergei, who desired to find a conspiracy hidden in the KGB. With Crypto’s help, the choices Blisk have been located, in conjunction with their plan to bombard the choices Earth with nukes which will remake it into historic Mars. Crypto was eventually capable of break all the Blisk, even though it came at the price of the choices lives of his former allies. He ended up cloning Natalya and fathered a son. During his campaign, 138 was changed as president through a robotic Orthopox had constructed. This Crypto is lots one of a kind to Crypto 137, showing a humorous aspect and making jokes, generally either offensive or sexual. Also, Cryptosporidium 138 is the choices only Crypto in any of the DAH video games with a love interest, in this case it’s far Natalya, who he loved to the factor of cloning in place of Orthopox/Holopox.

Cryptosporidium 138 in Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed (mislabeled as 137 in-game).

During the choices Nineteen Seventies, Crypto had left the choices presidency, married and then Broke Up with Natalya, and moved to Harbor City, spending his days watching television. He became delivered again into carrier while he found out approximately Orthopox’s fast-food franchise, Big Willy’s. His new mission became to guard the choices restaurant franchise’s secret element, human corpses, from being uncovered to the general public. These plans then modified to destroying the choices competition, Colonel Kluckin’s. He additionally encountered his son, Blastomycosis, and met the phony Furon Effiency Expert, Toxoplasma Gondii, sending him again to the choices Homeworld.

Following Kluckin’s defeat, Crypto was given money through Orthopox, gathered from the choices Big Willy’s income. He supposed to start a casino in Nevada.

Voiced by means of Grant Albrecht.

This clone was created in the mid-past due 70’s after 138 crashed the saucer even as under the influence of alcohol. After the crash, Crypto 139 opened a casino known as the Space Dust to apply as a front to acquire DNA. He have become local. He also went to battle with a nearby mob family called the choices Molinari Brothers, who owned the choices on line casino Nero’s Palazzo. After ruining the Molinari’s businesses in Las Paradiso and their connections to the choices Italian Mafia, Crypto 139 and the choices casino are attacked by using Nexo warriors, and after defeating them, destroys more than one homes, consisting of Nero’s Palazzo and the choices Space Dust. After journeying to Sunnywood, he tries to get to Curt Calvin, leader of an alien church, who he believes is making an attempt to botch Crypto’s project. After making ‘first touch’ with the choices human beings of Sunnywood, Curt is found out to be a human and Crypto is attacked via more Nexos. After defeating them, he’s shot with a dart and brought to Shen Long, where he receives his answers from a Furon Kung Fu master, known as The Master. This “Master” trains 139 in psychokinesis. This schooling lets in Crypto to harness the whole energy of the Temporal Fist, permitting him to create a miles greater powerful PK push while Time Stop is lively. After his schooling, The Master receives Crypto to chase down Saxon’s right-hand guy, Rolo (often pronounced Roro by way of locals and Crypto) to get The Master’s Jade Talisman. After retrieving the choices Talisman, The Monastery is attacked and defended. Crypto then takes the choices combat to Saxon, destroying his corporations. The Master then tells Crypto to hold a event to lure out Saxon, only to trick Crypto into letting The Master combat Saxon himself. Saxon then kills The Master and Crypto then chases Saxon. Saxon then pulls out his final weapon, a Nexos Dragon, and fights Crpyto. After his defeat, Crypto is surrounded via greater Nexos and Saxon famous he has no concept what they’re. After Saxon is killed, Crypto and Pox break out and head to Belleville, France, with the intention to get to Francodyne, a business enterprise Pox believes are cloning the Nexos on Earth. Crypto nonetheless finally ends up with unfastened ends, and sooner or later returns home to find some answers. After figuring out that Meningitis has created synthetic Furon DNA, he is enraged because of his task being needless. During this, Pox retrieves a new frame from a Furon cloner and finally ends up having the choices frame of a monkey. After he kills Meningitis, the choices Jade Talisman is found out to be a one-off cloning tool, cloning The Master. It is discovered to him that his antique Master was the choices actual cause of his problems The Master is then defeated without problems after Orthopox, with his new monkey frame, flicks him into a wall, killing him right away. His Commander, Orthopox, then ascends the choices throne and Crypto returns to Earth to maintain his mission, after getting to know that the choices Furon DNA would not work.

Little is understood approximately this clone but he appears in multiplayer video games as the second player. In DAH!2 he wears a crimson suit, and in Big Willy Unleashed he just has a purple arrow floating above his head. In Path of the Furon, the choices first player Crypto wears a fit with blue changing the choices brown areas, and the second one participant with crimson replacing the brown areas.

destroy all humans crypto voice